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Transformational Life Coach, Author & Public Speaker

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Are you feeling stuck, lost, confused, or broken?

If you’ve been searching for a better or different way to bring balance and order to your life.

If you need to heal old family pathology, stretch beyond self-imposed limitations, negative thought patterns, and sabotaging beliefs then you have landed on the right page!

Zakiya provides you with the principles, skills, and tools to support you in your life path forward.

Zakiya stands with and for you, as you do the “inner work” remembering, recognizing, and honoring the truth of who you are and who you were created to be.

Through her books, workshops, and 1:1 life coaching, Zakiya will guide and support you in how to live your life unapologetically on the stage of your world.

Work With Zakiya

Transformational Life Coach & Public Speaker

Zakiya facilitates workshops on personal empowerment, entertainment / professional development, and transformational change while supporting participants in living their lives unapologetically on the stage of their world.

She also provides 1:1 life coaching to help you take that first step from intention to manifestation.

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Live your life unapologetically on the stage of your world!

With every workshop, Zakiya provides principles, skills, and tools that support participants in moving through, to, or from their current life experiences.

  • Most workshops take place in the Philadelphia area.

  • Inquire about booking Zakiya for an out-of-state workshop.

  • Contact Zakiya to discuss planning a workshop for your community.

Workshops Include:

Live Live

  • Artist Development: This workshop is a 5-week spiritually lead and grounded workshop that is invested in the development of the artist's ability to become a better performer, entertainer, dancer, and singer.

  • If you are ready to be encouraged, inspired to live your life on purpose, and reach your full potential then this workshop is for you.

Activate Your Champion

  • This 3-day women’s retreat is an opportunity to unleash and discover your power within.

  • Come prepared to release old stories, tear down walls, and build a new foundation.

  • If you are ready to tell yourself the truth, honor the truth, and stand in it, this is the retreat for you.

Girls Night N

  • This intimate, healing, and sacred experience is uniquely designed for 5 to 10 women for one night only.

  • You pick the topic(s) – for the evening and Zakiya will facilitate and support you in gaining the insights needed and the breakthroughs necessary for healing.

  • Ladies, come let your hair down, open hearts and minds. Take full advantage of this intimate opportunity to connect, go deeper, be vulnerable, and gain a better understanding of your friends and the support they may need.

Mom & Me

1 Corinthians 13:13

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."

  • Daughters: Do you find it hard to listen, hear, or understand the things your mother says? Is it difficult for you to talk to her because she doesn’t get or understand you?

  • Mothers: Are you feeling like you just don’t know how to get through to your Daughters? Are you feeling like she’s changed?

  • Is there discord, a disconnect, brokenness, or a breakdown in your relationship?

  • You BOTH have a story and an experience of one another. How is that story affecting your relationship? Do you know?

  • If you are ready and willing to have a relationship with your mother or daughter then this 3-day workshop is for you. Let’s start the process of healing, shifting, and change. There is nothing like a mother-daughter love, connection, and bond.

Man to Man

1 Corinthians 13:11

"When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me."

  • Fathers: your sons need you!

  • Come build a relationship and gain an understanding of who your son is and your role as a father.

  • Communicate: Connect on a deeper level. Help your son to understand your choices, your experiences, and your struggles.

  • Educate: Help your son become a better man. Give him what you never had and teach him what you were never taught. Show him the LOVE you wish you received. It's never too late to break the cycle.

  • This 3-day weekend workshop will support you with the principles, skills, and tools to begin the healing process and restore your relationship with your son or father.

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1:1 Life Coaching

Are you feeling lost, confused, stuck, broken, or just don’t know where to begin?

Are you being called to do something you always wanted to do?

Do you need to heal (mind, body, soul, spirit)?

Are you ready for a life-shift or change?

Are you ready to take that leap you've been afraid to take?

Zakiya offers 1:1 life coaching where she brings a powerful and gentle approach to motivate and inspire you.

Zakiya will support you in feeling both safe and self-confident during your healing process moment by moment.

Schedule your free 45-minute consultation.

Contact Zakiya to get started:

Zakiya Fatin Life Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Couples & Marriage Counseling

  • Artist Development & Coaching (Group or One on One)

A full Coaching Agreement will be agreed and signed, before you begin working with Zakiya.

Schedule With Zakiya

  • Zakiya offers a free 45-minute initial consultation if you would like to discuss 1:1 coaching.

  • For your subsequent appointments, coaching packages are paid in advance.

Schedule your appointment with Zakiya here:

Zakiya Fatin initials

Important Policies

  • Missed appointments without 24-hour advance notice are forfeited.

  • Rescheduled sessions must be made up within a one-month period and cannot be carried over from month to month without agreement.

A full Coaching Agreement will be agreed and signed, before you begin working with Zakiya.

Need a Gift?


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Reminders to reset your mind and bring your wisdom to life

Keep a little wisdom by your side to dip into whenever you need support, inspiration, or encouragement.

My collection of books includes:

  • What's Real What's Not and Somewhere In-Between: Reminders for women about men

  • Book of Reminders: Daily downloads to reset your mind

  • Book of Reminders for the Youth: Encouragement for young people

To get notified of new releases and author events, request updates here:


This is a book of reminders for women about men.

Things they need to know. Things they've never been taught, and the things they find confusing about men and their relationships with men...

So many of us women have been through so much with our men. We could in our minds legitimately say they took advantage of us. Undoubtedly, we could feel and believe in our hearts they disrespected, devalued, diminished, disrupted, and disassociated themselves from our lives. Some of us could say, "He is the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me." It really just depends on where you are in your life's journey and your relationship with men.

This book will bring to life the wisdom of your deepest thoughts, knowings, and understanding—provoking and confirming things you already know. Things from which you've been running from, acknowledging, or accepting about the situations you are facing or have experienced in your relationships. How would you feel if you knew it was all necessary? Every new and exciting beginning, every disappointing and hard ending, every loss and every gain was all necessary for you to stretch, learn, heal, grow, and evolve.

Readers Say:

  • "Zakiya Fatin has laid out the lessons and wisdom of this book in a natural flowing way... It is most certainly something I would recommend to anyone with relationship questions should read." ~ Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

  • "This book explains what to look for and the tell-tell signs of issues with and within men. You can’t go wrong with giving this book as a gift to all of your sisters and friends." ~ Reverend Nakeia M. Wilcox

  • "Even though it’s geared for women, I know men will appreciate the detail and explanation of our mechanics that some women need education on... Superb work." ~ Choc Belafonte

  • "I pray this book makes it to the coffee tables of many book clubs and couples! Going back for a second read!" ~ Ricki Yin

Ebook ; Paperback ; 134 pages

Signed copies available directly from the author.

Book of Reminders

Buy now from these retailers:

Book of Reminders

Daily downloads to reset your mind

This is a book of “reminders” that will support you in remembering the truth—your truth. As you read this book, give yourself permission to explore how these reminders apply to where you are in your life right now.

Take your time. Be open to what each reminder awakens, shifts, and triggers within you. Allow yourself to look beyond what’s on the surface and go deeper.

This book will help you explore your willingness to take a deeper look at yourself and the areas in your life in which you are growing, learning, and forgiving.

In this book of reminders, you will find answers, resolutions, inspiration, guidance, and encouragement that support self-care, new awareness, forgiveness, and healing.

Ebook ; Paperback

Signed copies available directly from the author.

Simple Book of Reminders for the Youth

Love yourself. Be Yourself. Trust Yourself. Accept Yourself.

As children, preteens, and young adults, there are so many things we go through, endure, and experience.

These things can be confusing and hard, but can also be things that are often fun, liberating, and exciting, and sometimes, things that are hurtful, life changing, and unfair. This book of “reminders” is filled with information, answers, encouragement, and things to remember as you journey and navigate through your life.

This book will give you clarity, guidance, and understanding, while reminding you, that you have the strength, courage, and drive to get through the situations, experiences, and things you may face.

Ebook ; Paperback

Signed copies available directly from the author.

Discount: buy both Reminders books together for $28

(free US shipping)

Order Books

  • You can order signed copies of Zakiya's books to be sent directly to you.

  • FREE standard shipping to the 48 contiguous United States.

  • Please contact Zakiya with questions.

What's Real What's Not and Somewhere in Between

What's Real What's Not and Somewhere In-Between

  • Order a copy signed for you by Zakiya Fatin.

  • 48 contiguous US States only.

  • $19.99 ~ free shipping

Book of Reminders

Book of Reminders

  • Order a copy signed for you by Zakiya Fatin.

  • 48 contiguous US States only.

  • $19.99 ~ free shipping

Book of Reminders for the Youth

Simple Book of Reminders For the Youth

  • Order a copy signed for you by Zakiya Fatin.

  • 48 contiguous US States only.

  • $22.99 ~ free shipping

Discount: buy both Reminders books together for $28

(free US shipping)

Please contact Zakiya with questions, or to make special arrangements for your book(s).

Thank you for your order

Zakiya will package up your signed book(s) and ship to you as soon as possible.

  • Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

  • Contact Zakiya if you have any questions.

Books by Zakiya Fatin
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About Zakiya Fatin

Transformational Life Coach & Public Speaker

Zakiya Fatin is a reverend, coach, mentor, inspirational influencer, and mother.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia Area, her story began at a young age when she realized she had a passion for supporting, elevating, and inspiring others. Zakiya has over 18 years of experience in Artist Development and Creative Direction as well as a 30-year career in the music industry as a dancer, choreographer, singer performer, and manager of talent.

After taking a break from the music industry, Zakiya realized there was more, more for her to be and do. So, she went in search of a deeper connection to something greater than herself. She went on study at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development (IVISD) under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. She was ordained in June 2016 as a minister of spiritual consciousness and continues with IVISD where she holds a faculty position within the Spiritual Life Coaching Program. During her time with IVISD, she continues to work directly with IyanlaVanzant at numerous workshops throughout the year such as Wonder Woman Weekend and The Spirit of a Man.

Zakiya is also in charge of several charity drives and giveaways conducted during the holiday season in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Zakiya founded Zakiya Fatin Enterprises (ZFE), where she supports individuals to “live their lives unapologetically on the stage of their world.” Through ZFE she has conducted numerous workshops including Project Move and Activate Your Champion.

Zakiya Fatin initials

As a single mother who has struggled and lost everything, Zakiya understands the importance of the effects your personal lives can have on our children. She is able to use her story and triumph over arduous times to uplift others.

Zakiya facilitates an Annual Mother Daughter workshop, where mothers are able to shed light on situations, circumstances, and life choices and daughters are able to share the impact of those decisions on them and their lives. This workshop creates opportunities for deep healing, understanding, and to create an unbreakable bond between mother and daughter. She will be facilitating the first of many Father and Son workshops this coming year.

With every workshop Zakiya creates, she provides principles, skills, and tools which allow every participant to move through, to, or from their current life experiences to the desired outcome. She believes that every life has a purpose, and every voice matters.

If you are ready to choose YOU and give voice to your innermost desires, calling them forth into manifestation… now is the time!

Zakiya Fatin is ready, willing, and available support you.

Community Service

During the holiday seasons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Zakiya is always a servant of the people. She volunteers alongside her family managing the delivery of food drives and other service projects.

Community Service With Family
Community Service With Family


A Note From Zakiya

I support individuals in bold transformation. Living their lives on purpose and in full view on the stage of the world. Making clear and known who they are, what they do, and why.

My 18 plus years’ experience in Artist Development and Creative Direction as well as a 30-year career in the music industry, I am more than qualified. I am a visionary ready to support the transformation of individuals and entertainers from all walks of life to unapologetically stand in the fullness of who they are through the expansion and mastery of their individual gifts and talents.

Even more so what I know to be true is that every individual who is led to me is a representation in some aspect of who I used to be and/or the things I used to do. I’ve done my work and while there is always more work, growth, and healing to be done. My personal experiences and the calling on my life qualifies and allows me to meet every individual right where they are with humility, gentleness, and the love that flows in, as, and through me.

Zakiya Fatin initials

I am aware that my purpose is to serve unconditionally!

What’s yours? Do you know?

Let’s find out together, let me support you in standing in your truth.

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Free Resources:

Seven Day Self-Forgiveness Process + Printable Affirmations

Let's keep in touch! Get notified of news, events, and new book releases.

You will also receive these free resources:

  • Seven Day Self-Forgiveness Process: Follow this guide for a simple but powerful exercise to help you remember that love is always the answer.

  • Printable Affirmations: Download and print this collection of 12 powerful affirmations. Keep them handy or send one to a friend.

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Free Resources

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Love & Light Kit

Love & Light Kit

Light a candle for your loved one

When you can’t find the words, when you don’t know what to do to support someone who is experiencing a hard time or a loss, this makes the perfect gift.

  • In your time of grief, take comfort from this special kit Zakiya has created for you.

  • Light a candle for your loved one as they journey on.

  • Give them light, send them love, and lift them in prayer.

By lighting this candle, you'll re-ignite your connection. Find peace and purpose as you take this simple, spiritual action in remembrance of your loved one.

Show you care

  • You can use the Love & Light Kit as a caring expression too, for someone who is ill.

  • The kit also offers the opportunity for a kind gesture to lift someone's spirits.

Love & Light Kit
Love & Light Kit

What's in your kit

  • 1 Candle

  • 1 Bubble Glass Vase

  • 1 Pouch filled with Love, Prayers, and Inspiration

  • 1 Lavender Pouch

  • ... And more, to be revealed

Each Love & Light Kit is lovingly assembled for you by Zakiya. From time to time, she may include a special bonus item in your kit, that she feels would be especially helpful to you.


Praise for the Love & Light Kit:

"The Love & Light Kit embodies a beautiful expression of love, compassion, and comfort during one of the heart’s darkest hours. A dear friend of mine had just experienced a devastating loss and I was struggling to find the perfect words to say. Fortunately, this kit said and expressed it all. Now, I definitely prefer to send The Love & Light Kit to those experiencing a loss or hardship than sending flowers. This kit is simply amazing."

"Such a loving and thoughtful gift to receive upon my arrival home after laying my mother to rest. Which has been one of the hardest moments of my life second only to the transition of my brother. Thank you."

"Hello!! I want to say thank you!!!! I went outside and I had this package. I recently lost my dad and it's been rough. The package arrived after a bad day!!! And when I opened it I cried immediately. I then started to read the notes and stuff then realized my cousin gifted this to me and OMG this is beautiful and exactly what I needed right now!!"

"I just received this package at my front door completely puzzled as to what it was, and to a pleasant surprise my beautiful friend sent me this beautiful gift. I'm full with tears and emotions. This journey of grieving has been so hard and heavy on my heart so thank you I love it."

  • FREE standard shipping to the 48 contiguous United States.

  • Please contact Zakiya if you would like to arrange express shipping, an alternate payment method, or to send the kit as a gift.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Love & Light Kit
Inspirational Blessing Labels

Inspirational Blessing Labels

small comforts in your time of grief

Offer yourself, or someone you care about, words of encouragement while grieving.

  • Reusable labels

  • Crystal clear, static cling

  • Use on water bottles, glasses, mugs, windows, mirrors, computers, and cars

Two packets, sold as a pair:

  • "Grieving is a process"

  • "The other side of grief"

You'll receive both packets. Shipping is free.


Inspirational Blessing Label on Mug
Inspirational Blessing Labels


You'll receive both packets. Shipping is free.

Grieving is a Process

Static cling labels

Grieving is a individual experience; there is no right or wrong way to grieve. How you grieve depends on many factors, including your personality and coping style, your life experience, your faith, and how significant the loss was to you.

Give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel when you need to feel it and know that you will recover. It’s okay to not be okay!

The Other Side of Grief

Static cling labels

It is absolutely okay to be okay even when you or the people around you think you shouldn’t be.

You can ride the wave or let it take you under. You get to choose. As for me... I’m riding high.

Thank you for your order

Zakiya will package up your purchase, and ship it to you as soon as possible.

  • Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

  • Contact Zakiya if you have any questions.

Love & Light Kit
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